KoJac is a acronym for Kothari Job Accountant. KoJac is responsible tracking jobs on the printers registered with it, generating bills based on the use, monitering the printer for replenishment of the supplies.

KoJac supports 2 types of business scenarios -

  1. PPP or Pay Per Print - In this model the hardware is owned by the customer. The reseller/Partner is responsible for providing the supplies and charge them on the basis of the per page consumption of the supplies from the customer. The supplies include the inks and the print head.
  2. PPU or Pay Per Unit - In this model, in addition to the supplies the hardware is also supplies by the reseller/Partner to the customer for use. The hardware cost in addition to the supplies cost is either built into the cost of the pages being printed or charged separately from the customer on monthly basis or a combination of both based on the contract with the customer.

KoJac is designed mostly for unsupervised monitoring. This edition of KoJac is designed specifically to work with HP Designjet T1100 series, Z series, 4000 series printers. Please refer to the brochure for more details.  Download KoJac Brochure  

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